bless the fact that it exists at all

essay, motherhood

I’m on Literary Mama’s After Page One blog this week explaining my harried writing practice. It’s frustrating not being able to focus on poetry full-time. I know I am not the only parent who must put children first for many years. I hope it’s making me a better writer (all the great material! the constant humbling!) so I try to count my blessings and breathe slowly through the longer days. My thanks to Literary Mama for printing my piece and for providing a wonderful space for overwhelmed writer mamas to congregate.

What gets in the way of your artmaking? How do you  harness it and make lemonade?

5 thoughts on “bless the fact that it exists at all

  1. Hi Lorena,
    I am here by way of the Blog Tour. Thought I’d drop a comment and say that work has been my biggest obstacle to writing poetry. For the last year I have been working full time as a teacher ( this coming year is looking to be even busier) I think I only managed 4 new poems. I find that the creative requirements of teaching leave no juice in the tank for poetry.

    1. Hello Sean,
      Glad to join you on the Tour! Yes, I feel your pain. It’s so hard to find that time, especially when working a full day. I congratulate you on four new poems, though. That’s nothing shabby. Let me know if any of them are out yet. Would love to read… Lorena

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